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What is On Demand?


On Demand gives you thousands of choices instantly, and new shows are added every day. It’s like having a video store in your living room. Watch movies, sports and your favorite shows all on your schedule with many available in HD.



Too busy to always stick to network schedules? Tune in to Primetime On Demand. The best Primetime shows are yours to watch, totally free of charge, the day after they air. Make anytime Primetime, with Primetime On Demand. 



We’ve taken your kids’ favorite shows, from their favorite networks, and put them all on one channel for you to play 24/7. Totally free of charge. Keep your kids smiling with Kids On Demand.


Movies On Demand

Movies On Demand allows our Digital Cable customers to use their remote control to instantly rent a movie. On Demand offers features like pause, fast forward and rewind without a DVD or VCR. Choose from a variety of categories in our digital library, including new releases, comedies, dramas, action/thrillers, Hollywood classics and other great series and titles. Just sit back, order your movie and experience Instant Satisfaction. With Movies On Demand.


Premiums On Demand

Premiums On Demand is a service that allows you watch HBO, Showtime Unlimited, Cinemax or STARZ whenever you want and watch it as often as you for each premium channel you subscribe to. You can pause, fast-forward and rewind all your On Demand programming-so you'll never miss a minute because of interruptions. This service is only available with a Digital Cable set-top box. Watch the premium programming you want, when you want. With


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