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Buy or Lease Your Modem

Customers may lease a modem directly from Time Warner Cable or purchase their own from Best Buy, Amazon, or another retailer. If you plan to lease, refer to the chart below.


If You Choose to Purchase Your Modem


  • It is important to use the right DOCSIS version.
  • Below is a list of tested and approved devices.



Step 1: Use the right DOCSIS modem for your Internet service

Step 2: Purchase a modem from the approved list below.

Step 3: Connect your modem using the steps below.



Step 1


Choose the Right DOCSIS Modem Version to Buy














We recommend you buy a DOCSIS 3.0 device to take advantage of future services.


Step 2


Purchase a Modem from the Approved List Below


Click on the model number for more information and user manuals.


Vendor Model    IPv6
Motorola SBG6580 Checkmark
Motorola SB6141 Checkmark



Vendor Model    IPv6
Motorola SB5101 Checkmark
Motorola SB5101U Checkmark
Motorola SBG901 Checkmark



Step 3


Connect Your Modem Using the Steps Below


How to Connect Your Own Modem


How to Connect your own Modem if you have both Internet and Home Phone



Information If You Plan to Lease


When you lease from Time Warner Cable, you should receive one of these modems. Click on the model number for more information and user manuals.


Vendor Model DOCSIS 2.0 DOCSIS 3.0 IPv6
ARRIS TM608G Checkmark
ARRIS TM604G Checkmark
ARRIS TM602G Checkmark
ARRIS TM512A Checkmark
ARRIS TM402-P/G Checkmark
ARRIS TG862G Checkmark Checkmark
ARRIS DG860A Checkmark Checkmark
ARRIS CM820A Checkmark Checkmark
Cisco/SA DPX2203C Checkmark
Cisco/SA DPX2203 Checkmark
Cisco/SA DPX2100 Checkmark Checkmark
Cisco/SA DPC2203C2 Checkmark
Cisco/SA DPC2203C Checkmark
Cisco/SA DPC2203 Checkmark
Cisco/SA DPC2100 Checkmark
Motorola SBV5322 Checkmark
Motorola SBV5222 Checkmark
Motorola SBV5220  Checkmark
Motorola SBG941 Checkmark
Motorola SBG940 Checkmark
Motorola SBG901 Checkmark
Motorola SBG900 Checkmark
Motorola SB5120  Checkmark
Motorola SB5101U Checkmark Checkmark
Motorola SB5101 Checkmark Checkmark
Motorola SB5100 Checkmark
Motorola SBG6580 Checkmark
Motorola SB6141 Checkmark Checkmark
Netgear CGD24G Checkmark
Netgear CG814WG Checkmark
SMC 8014WG Checkmark
SMC 8014 Checkmark
Thomson/RCA DCM315 Checkmark
Thomson/RCA DWG855 Checkmark
Thomson/RCA DCW725 Checkmark
Thomson/RCA DCM425 Checkmark Checkmark
Ubee/Ambit U10C034 Checkmark
Ubee/Ambit U10C022 Checkmark
Ubee/Ambit U10C018 Checkmark Checkmark
Ubee/Ambit DDW2600 Checkmark
Ubee/Ambit DVW3201B Checkmark Checkmark
Ubee/Ambit DDW3611 Checkmark Checkmark
ZyXEL 974HW Checkmark
ZyXEL 974H Checkmark



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