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Transfer or Cancel Service

Service Transfers


First, start by submitting a Moves & Transfer Request Form, which TWC uses to determine if your new address is located in an area where we provides service.  After you have submitted the Moves & Transfer Request Form online and it is confirmed that your new address is located within the Time Warner Cable service area, you will be contacted by a move agent. You will also receive an acknowledgment email to complete your request. The move agent will let you know if any transfer fees apply.  For more information on local transfer policies, please Contact Us.


Service Holds


Seasonal status enables you to make your account dormant for a nominal fee without canceling your service. This allows you to keep your same phone number, email address, cable box and equipment. An example of seasonal status would be phone or cable service in a vacation home that you only use during the summer months. Seasonal policies differ and may not be available in all areas.  To learn more about how seasonal status is handled in your area, or to turn seasonal status on or off, please Contact Us.


Service Cancellations


Cancellations must be processed through a customer service representative and cannot be initiated online. Please contact a Time Warner Cable representative at 1-888-TWCable (1-888-892-2253) to cancel your service.

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