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MLB Extra Innings® is a pay-per-view package available for digital customers only.


Turn America’s pastime into your full time.

Take your favorite sport out of the park and into your living room with MLB Extra Innings. With up to 80 games broadcast live each week, you can follow your favorite teams, both at home and away, throughout the regular season*. It’s the most major league action you can find anywhere.


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RBIs and ERAs in HD.

Stock up on peanuts and cracker jacks, because when you see your favorite games in gorgeous high definition, you may feel like you’re right there in the ball park. MLB Extra Innings broadcasts up to 24 games a week in HDTV.


Please note that you must have a compatible cable box to enjoy MLB Extra Innings in HD, but don’t worry: as a Sports Package customer, you can exchange up to two boxes at any time. To find out if your cable box is compatible or to make an exchange, contact any
Time Warner Cable store



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MLB Strike Zone

A Grand Slam for Baseball Fans.


Batter Up! Subscribers to Time Warner Cable Sports Pass will now get the MLB Network Strike Zone, free. Not only that, you can watch live action from each Tuesday and Friday game during the regular season without commercials. For more information go to


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