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Bill Explanation & Payment Options

Understanding Your Bill

Time Warner Cable has designed its bill with you in mind. The sample bill provided is designed to explain the information contained within your monthly billing statement.

View a Sample Bill


Reasons Your Bill May Change

There are various reasons why your bill is more (or less) than usual:


  • If you’ve recently changed your service, pro-rated charges may be shown on your bill. Pro-rated charges are partial month charges and ensure that you will only be charged for the number of days the services were used for that billing period.

  • If your service was just installed, you might see one-time fees included for installation or activation of services.

  • Your promotional price may have changed, as a result your monthly charge could be different than what you expected. Learn more about the current promotions available in your area.
  • If you've purchased Pay-Per-View or On Demand programming. Please review your bill to view a list of the movies titles and live events and the date on which they were purchased.



Ways to Pay Your Bill

Time Warner Cable offers convenient ways to pay your bill. Review the options below to see what option best meets your needs.



 Pay Online Pay Online

Forms of Payment Accepted

Our secure online billing system is free and easy-to-use. With PayXpress, you can view and pay your bill online, set up recurring payments, view past statements and go paperless.



How Do I Access PayXpress?

  1. Go to MyServices.
  2. Sign in with your TWC ID and password.
  3. Click View & Pay My Bill on the My Account tab.
 Pay with your Mobile Device Pay through the My TWC™ app 

Forms of Payment Accepted

You can download the My TWC™ app for your Android OS device on Android Market or for your iOS device from iTunes.


  1. Open and sign in to the My TWC™ app with your TWC ID.
  2. Select Pay Bill on the My Account tab.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions as it walks you through the process for making a one-time payment.
 Pay in Person Pay in Person

Forms of Payment Accepted

See a list of our customer care payment centers, including maps, directions and hours of operation.
Find a Payment Center near you

 Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone
Forms of Payment Accepted

Use your credit card or bank checking account to pay your bill at your convenience via phone.


Tip: Have your printed bill and credit card handy.


  1. Call 1-800-TWC-HELP (1-800-892-4357).
  2. Say the keyword "pay my bill" when asked why you are calling.
  3. Follow the voice-activated prompts to pay your bill.

Pay by Mail

Pay by Mail
Forms of Payment Accepted

For prompt processing of your payment, mail it to the address as listed on your bill.

Include either your current billing statement or include your account number on your

check or money order.


When paying by mail, we recommend that you use a check or money order, payable to Time Warner Cable. For your security, please avoid sending cash through the mail.



    • MyServices can save you time and energy so you can get the most out of Time Warner Cable.  With your TWC ID you will be able to view On Demand programming, appointments, mobile usage and personalized special offers all at your fingertips.

    Please select your exact location from the pull-down menu.