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Caller ID and Calling Features

Protect your privacy — and your free time with Caller ID and see who’s calling before you answer the phone. Plus, learn about other convenient call features.


Caller ID

Set up Caller ID so you can see who's calling before you answer the phone by looking on your Caller ID enabled-phone.
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Caller ID on TV

Learn how to turn Caller ID on TV off and on and see who your last 10 callers were.

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Call Waiting

Learn how to put one call on hold while you answer the other.

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Call Waiting Caller ID

This feature combines Caller ID and Call Waiting. The beep alerts you to a call coming in. Just look at the Caller ID display on your phone to see the name and number of the person calling.


Outbound Caller ID Blocking (*67)

if you have chosen to reveal your identity when placing calls and wish to be anonymous for a particular call, press (*67) before you dial to block your identity from the other person’s Caller ID.
This service works on a per-call basis.


3-Way Calling

Learn how to add a third person to your phone conversation.

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Anonymous Call Rejection (*77)

You can block unwanted calls from people who do not send their caller ID information, just press (*77). You must Dial *87 to deactivate this feature.


Speed Dial (*74)

Set up one-digit dialing to call frequently dialed phone numbers.

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Call Forwarding (*72)

Learn how to automatically forward your calls to another phone number.
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    • Enhanced 9-1-1, a standard feature of Digital Home Phone, automatically transmits your address and telephone number to emergency services operators whenever you dial 9-1-1.

    • With regular 9-1-1, you have to clearly tell the dispatcher your location, which is not always possible and takes valuable time. Also, if for some reason your call is disconnected before you’ve finished relaying your information, emergency services will not know where you are located.

    Please select your exact location from the pull-down menu.