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There's nothing like the sound of a friendly voice. With Home Phone from Time Warner Cable, you have lots of ways to stay connected to the people who matter most. And minimize interruptions from those who don't. Get outstanding clarity, unlimited calling, simple, innovative calling features, plus reliable service - all for one low price. And you get to keep your current phone number and existing phone!


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Calling Plans

Call anyone, anytime, anywhere in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico for one low rate. And if you frequently call other countries, our international calling plans offer low prices.

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Calling Features

Get a range of convenient features at no extra charge including Caller ID, Call Waiting, Speed Dial, Call Forwarding and more.

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Caller ID On TV

A new way to "screen" your calls, Caller ID shows up right on your TV. So you don't have to get up unless you really want to.

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Retrieve your voicemail messages from any phone when you add Voicemail to your Home Phone service.

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Call History

Review past call details for your Home Phone service to find out who called and when.

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Available in MyServices, VoiceZone gives you the control to review messages through Visual Voicemail. You can even set up Caller ID on PC* and select a distinctive ring so you know who's calling just by the sound.

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Home Phone does not include backup power and, as in the case with an electric-powered home cordless phone, should there be a power outage, Home Phone, including the ability to access 9-1-1 services, may not be available. Additional charges apply for taxes, fees, Directory Assistance, Operator Services and calls to International locations.  Offer valid for residential customers in Home Phone serviceable areas.


*Caller ID on PC requires an installation of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) on the user’s computer. To receive an online message regarding an incoming call, AIM must be running with an Internet connection enabled. The Internet connection can be provided by TWC or any other service provider.


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